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Niagara County Family Violence Intervention Project


The Family Violence Intervention Project provides leadership in empowering the Niagara County community to end family violence, and supports professionals in medical, social services, legal, law enforcement, behavioral health and education fields to improve the response to family violence.


The Family Violence Intervention Project will be known for its full range of expertise and leadership in preventing and combating family violence. This collaborative of agencies, programs and individuals will take action to ensure that the system works consistently, smoothly and completely to prevent family violence and assist victims. 
The amount of family violence will steadily decrease in our community because of the prevention efforts of the Project partners and growing community awareness. Both adults and youth will acquire the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors necessary to prevent violence.
FVIP programs will be recognized by the community as model programs using best practices. Often acting as a clearinghouse for information, their training programs and annual conferences will be well attended, and their speakers’ bureau will provide many opportunities to educate the community about issues relating to family violence.
Adults and children affected by family violence will find coordinated and supportive services available because of the FVIP’s systematic and collaborative network of resources. This collaboration will include not only direct service providers but schools, health care providers, the judicial system, and government agencies. 
The network of FVIP partners will have effective internal communication and collaboration among agencies, with active involvement and strong leadership and a unified team.
For membership information, please contact The Child Advocacy Center of Niagara at (716) 285-0045.